What is Tennis Elbow?

Medical Consultant

Post: 2007-03-08

Also called Lateral Epicondylitis, this is a common elbow symptom found in sports injuries. In addition to tennis players, badminton players are also no strangers to this condition, as well as office workers, housewives, data entry personnel, painters, and masons. There are many factors in the cause of painful elbow. The pain can be caused by compression over the cervical nerve, joint degeneration and inflammation, or overuse, fatigue of the tendons. The improper use of force in the arm and excessive activity of the wrist can cause tension and fatigue in the elbow muscle, leading to inflammation and pain around the lateral side of the elbow joint. Sufferers often have pain in the elbow and cannot exert strength when doing such motions as lifting heavy objects, wringing a towel, picking up a cup, or sweeping the floor. The occurrence of tennis elbow refers to tendinitis. Physical therapy with an appropriate rehabilitation plan can be used to accelerate recovery. Using elbow support can help prevent the injured joint from fatigue and help it get the appropriate rest.