What effect does the silicone pad in LP supports have after all?

Medical Consultant

Post: 2007-03-08

Silicone is a material that is somewhere between liquid and solid. It has the characteristics of transparency, durability, heat resistance, and PH resistance. It also has a better stability effect than that of liquid. It can provide better pressure relief and more flexibility than a solid, with a longer lifespan.That's why it is broadly used in all kinds of applications.

In support application, it provides the same level of extra pressure and corresponding support as a layer of foam. One of the benefits of silicone is that for most users there is no skin sensitivity or discomfort. And because of its similarity to liquid, silicone pad can provide a massaging effect to the part of the body under pressure, that can promote sport performance and shorten the period of recovery.

Silicone insoles can provide pressure relief for the soles of the feet, lighten and distribute the pressure to the foot. It also helps sufferers to reduce pain and fatigue when walking or standing for a long time. Ankle support with silicone pad can partially provide protection and support for unstable ankle joint. The sprained ankle gets a pressurized massaging effect from the silicone pad. It provides a comfortable protection to reduce pain from impacts. Knee support with silicone pad can help the knee withstand heavy burdens from speed and body weight, providing a pressure release effect for knee stability. It has a pressurized pain relief effect for sufferers of tendonitis.Elbow support with silicone pad offers a compression and massaging effect for elbow muscles supporting tennis elbow or golf elbow, reducing the burden of the muscles that endure strong swinging movements. It also helps athletes prevent a second injury and even relieve pain!