Medical Consultant

Post: 2007-03-08

MAXTAPING® is used in many fields, such as rehabilitation, health care, sports etc. It helps relieve pain and inflammation and supports weak tissues to help improve performance. It is easy to apply, so anyone can use it!

MAXTAPING® is a less expensive alternative to traditional athletic tape. It is also more flexible and does not restrict soft tissue movement. MAXTAPING® is made of 100% cotton without Latex or chemical additives. The thickness and weight of MAXTAPING® make it feel like a second skin for maximum comfort. Heat-activated acrylic glue forms an intermittent weave pattern with holes for ventilation.

MAXTAPING® is waterproof and can be used during any activity. Typically, MAXTAPING® can last for 2 or 3 days after application. Even if it touches water, the tape won't fall off or lose function.

MAXTAPING® is highly-flexible and can extend up to 140% of its neutral length allowing for a full range of motion without restricting soft tissue movement. The unique design of MAXTAPING®, when properly applied, results in skin lifting, increased circulation, improved metabolism, and pain/edema relief. It helps improve proprioception and normalizes alignment for improving performance. During exercise, MAXTAPING® supports and stretches soft tissue to help speed the healing process, prevent injury and increase performance.

MAXTAPING® is easy to apply, long-lasting, and suitable for everyone. It is portable and multifunctional. Helps maintain normal structural alignment, support weak muscles, ease pain, reduce edema and inflammation, increase range of motion and prevent injury. It may be safely used on almost any part of the body.

The MAXTAPING® product design takes into consideration the principles of biochromatology, a study of the relationships between colors and design in nature. ˙Pink inspires warmth and induces action. ˙Powder blue, however, is relaxing and cooling, offering a soothing sensation. ˙Yellow suggests vitality health and liveliness. ˙Black reveals strength and sturdiness. ˙It conveys a sense of security and protection.

MAXTAPING®’s material and design characteristics offer the skin continual stimulation, allowing for pain reduction and increased kinesthetic awareness to help retrain nerves and muscles. MAXTAPING® can also help improve coordination, reduce swelling, and aid in sports injury rehabilitation. Consistent use of MAXTAPING® while exercising may achieve the double benefit of preventing injury and improving athletic performance!