2007 LP Sports Injury Protection Seminar


The Cross-straits Exchanged Sports Injury Protection Concept
Entire Audience, Teachers and Students,
Closely Interacted and Responded Enthusiastically

Chengdu Institute of Physical Education, Chengdu, China

In order to disseminate the correct sports protection concept to the athletes and athletic trainers, and to have a further interaction with the professional scholars of the related sports domains in China, LP had specially selected one of the top three sports institutions - Chengdu Institute of Physical Education to hold “2007 LP Sports Injury Protection Seminar” during the exhibition of the 20th China International Sporting Goods Show. LP also invited the vice chairman of Taiwan Athletic Trainers Society, Professor Tienfang Yang, Doctor Mujung Gao from Taipei City Hospital Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Department and Lian Lee, LP full-time physical therapist to be the lecturers.      

Professor Yang combined his many years of experience as the post Taiwan National Champion Team medical advisor, teaching in various institutions and working in hospitals to guide the students of Chengdu Institute of Physical Education to better understand the causes of sports injury and ways to prevent it. He also provided live demonstration on how to correctly use tapes, capturing all the teachers’ and students’ full attentions. Under Professor Yang’s guidance, students practiced using tapes on each other and got great feedbacks.

Doctor Gao started with sports medicine to introduce various common sports injuries and preventive methods, then he explained the process of rehabilitation training and types of devices or equipments that could strengthen the overall recovery effect. All the teachers and students enjoyed his vivid explanation and raised questions and carried on interesting discussions after his speech.