Brand-New Product Series and Protection Concept are unveiled at ISPO Winter 2010


Münich, Germany
February 7, 2010 ~
February 10, 2010

ISPO Winter held in February 7th to 10th 2010 is one of the largest international sporting goods exhibitions. Four-days ISPO exhibition has attracted 64,000 international attendees from 177 countries, set the record of new ISPO attendance. Attendance from overseas is estimated to be 68%. Moreover, 2,045 exhibitors from 45 countries registered for ISPO.


This year, LP revealed its leading role in sports medicine field with brand-new product series under the concept of comprehensive and prevention-oriented sports protection.

X-TREMUS series, highlighted by X-shaped light box and 3D film, caught every visitor’s attention. The unique 3D knitting technology combined with 3-Density knitting levels, not only provide optimal support for your specific sports activities, but also enhance your athletic performance.


LP launched Insoles & Footcare series to provide sports solution from head to toe. LP Insoles provide specific function via X-Propulsion, Y-Balance, Z-Cushion by sports category to address specific need while Footcare series provide ANTI-FRICTION, RELIEF and PERFORMANCE to help prevent further orthopedic problems and improve performance. Invisible accessories will bring you visible achievement.


Based on sport physiology and bio-mechanics, LP built an ideal compression map. Power Sleeve provides different and targeted compression levels to enhance sports performance of the body parts with Seamless Lycra Soft fabric that is highlydurable and breathable.Touch it and try it on, you will feel the strength of Power Sleeve.


For all sports enthusiasts, amateurs and professionals, LP provides a total solution of sports care with innovative products for every phase of sports activity. Product displays, user-friendly multi-media and product experience are included in this area.


More user-friendly, more attention to athlete’s needs, more complete sports care solutions are unveiled at ISPO Winter 2010. From head to toe, from tapes to rigid braces, from professional team sports to personal use, LP keeps evolving by devoting to research and development of professional sports supports and providing high-performance products to enhance your sports life.