The most brilliant star of 2010 Beijing Sportshow, LP stood out with innovative breakthrough! 


LP ushered in a new era by showcasing “Sports Medicine” inside an attractive booth designed as a “Sports Art Museum”. This time, dedicated showcases were used to present LP’s specific products rather than a general display. LP introduced several new collections for 2010’s China market, such as the X-TREMUS, Power Sleeve and Insole & Footcare series. In addition, LP presented its current product line “Extreme Series, Team sports solution and Orthopedic Support” on a virtual display of sports channel developed to meet Chinese market’s expectation.

The signature “X” display of the feature product line “X-TREMUS Series” successfully demonstrated the professionalism and sophistication of the product design; meanwhile it created a premium and exclusive value for the LP brand. The transparent, silver “X” structure conveyed the idea of “breaking ice” which implied a new era for LP.

Power Sleeve Series
The Power sleeve series was exhibited in an outdoors, street-like atmosphere to simulate the experience of window shopping outside a sporting goods store.

Orthopedic Support & Extreme Series
In the “Orthopedic Support” section, one of the quality product lines “Extreme series” focused on the remarkable function of LP brace. The rhombus decoration represented the icon of CoolPrene in a creative pattern. 

Insole & Footcare Series

The launch of a brand new series “Insole and Footcare” definitely surprised many dealers who discovered that LP can be the expert in support from head to toe. Many track and field teams as well as athletes expressed their interest for this new product line because they trusted the LP name and they knew a visit to the LP booth would be worth their time.


Team Sports Solution
Team sport area was divided into three sections, MAXTAPING A+, LP Band and Compression Cold Therapy Series. These three sections were placed in this order to represent the three steps of LP Team Sports Solution; pre-training, extra-training and post-training.


LP booth design and the latest product lines were successful in attracting a lot of visitors at the Sportshow. As a leading brand of sports medicine in China, LP thrives in offering clients innovative business model and comprehensive product solutions to satisfy the Chinese consumers.


Once again, LP did it in 2010 Beijing Sportshow! It is our great honor to share our success with you. LP, the expert in sports injury prevention around the world!