LP in 2010 CHINA SPORT SHOW-Action Sports Show


Once again, LP proved its pioneer position in the field of athletic care on the catwalk in 2010 Beijing Sportshow!


Athletic braces taking the. Catwalk?
That’s right! LP pioneered a dynamic concept of showcasing athletic braces on the catwalk at the 2010 Beijing Sportshow. LP promotion focused on “Back to Basic” and showing how functional athletic braces could help people. A professional brand like LP ought to build close connection with people. How do our consumers feel when wearing LP products? What expert information can LP offer to the consumers after a purchase? To address these concerns, the model catwalk is the best way to demonstrate the benefits of the products and how to wear the braces the show included five-round demonstrations, such as Power Sleeve, MAXTAPING A+, Extreme, X-TREMUS and interactive riddle game in the end.     

Power Sleeve Series

The main theme of the first round “Power Sleeve series” caught a lot of attention. With dynamic motions and rhythmic music, the models played representative sports like basketball, badminton and table tennis to demonstrate the great elasticity and perfect fit of the products during exercise.


MAXTAPING A+ product stood out with its bright colors and 4-arc shape in athletic care field. The idea of the show was to present its “easy to protect” function for the joints by utilizing specific body motions of tennis sport. Several intersecting tapings were pasted on models’ arm, wrist and knee joints with audio presentation to introduce the products. This encouraged several badminton athletes to come up for a trial.

Extreme Series

The models showed the Extreme series successfully through focus pose, body stretch and donning the braces and taking them off. Superior comfort and protective function of the products were accentuated by models’ demonstration on the stage. Even Chinese media were interested in reporting the news and took photos of the show. 


The concept of the X-TREMUS catwalk was composed of athletic profession, energy and high-tech, which inspired a lot of dealers to stay for a while in LP booth enjoying the show. By means of powerful basketball, volleyball performance and X-TREMUS animation, the show impressed both audiences and our customers.

Interactive game

At the end of the action sports show, the host introduced each new product series one by one. In order to promote brand awareness, the host used some simple riddles to lead the audience into saying “I love LP” loudly. Then, LP offered delicate giveaways to the people who answered correctly. This interactive game gathered a lot of people to join and made LP become a brilliant star of E3 hall, the Tennis and Badminton Hall. 

As a leading brand, LP set a record again. The role show presented awe-inspiring performance and creative marketing skill of LP in 2010 Beijing Sportshow, which successfully received our customers’ confidence to the brand and build closer connection with the consumers. In the future, LP will continuously make it our goal to establish a professional, innovative and competitive platform for our business partners, offering the best products to help people and set new records in the industry.