LP at the 2010 CHINA SPORT SHOW-Sports Protection and Conditioning Service


As the expert in Sports Protection Solution, LP offered professional service for the top badminton players at the 2010 Beijing Sportshow!


Where there is LP, there is a way. Only a true expert like LP has confidence and strength to challenge itself. During the three-day badminton matches, LP proved its superior professionalism in Sports Protection field at the 2010 Beijing Sportshow. The purpose of offering sports protection and prevention in- service near every court is to prepare the players before they enter the field. LP offered taping service to the players who need muscle enhancement. MAXTAPING A+ and MAXTAPING supplies were provided free to the players throughout the day at each court.

The badminton players and teams were fitted with LP brace supports.

Several players also shared their past experiences of using LP products under intensive athletic training. As a leading brand, LP supplied professional products to these athletes in order to improve their performance and self-confidence during the match.

LP Athlete care service



LP provided various team sports products and professional service to prevent injury on each court. Before the match began, LP offered professional taping service and consulting service to the players. No matter how experienced the player is, everyone needs comprehensive support before taking the court. It was LP’s mission to guard the athletes against sport injury.

During the fierce competition, LP athletic trainer helped injured players relieve pain based on PRICE (Press, Rest, Ice and Elevation) principle. Through appropriate management and sport injury prevention techniques, LP supported the injured players allowing them to continue competing on the field.      

These examples demonstrated the expertise and tremendous potential of LP brand. Not only had LP succeeded in the consumer market, but also thrived in the professional athlete market. Where there is LP, there is a way!