LP shows at Hospitalar 2010 - The largest healthcare fair in Latin America.


Sao Paulo, Brazil
May 25, 2010 ~ May 28, 2010

For the past 22 years, LP now has been the most widely used and recommended brand for athletic supports in Europe, Asia, Australia, in more than 60 countries. This year, we want to share LP’s professional medical experience and introduce LP’s technically advanced products to the Latin American market. To get close to local market, we attended the Hospitalar 2010, the most important healthcare fair for the Latin America market.



Hospitalar is held in Sao Paulo, the city with most advanced medical centers. It is the most comprehensive and specialized healthcare fair in Latin America, especially in Brazil. This year, there are 89.000 visitors from Brazilian and South American countries.



As a leading brand in Sports medicine, LP thrives in designing, manufacturing technically advanced sports products for players whether they are sports amateurs or professionals.

X-TREMUS series with the unique 3D knitting mode combined with 3-Density knitting level can enhance your sports performance while providing excellent protection. It caught many physiotherapists’ eye there with its attractive look and outstanding functions.



LP Insoles & Footcare series provides excellent protection from heel to toe. LP Insoles are designed with specific functions in mind - X-propulsive, Y-Balance, Z-Cushion to address sports requirement. Footcare series provide Anti-friction, Relief, Performance functions not only to help prevent further injuries but also to improve performance.



To show a direct link between braces and daily life for South Americans, LP combined the recommended products with popular sports, volleyball and soccer.



For volleyball, LP Power Sleeve Series are most recommended. With Power Band, Regulation Area, Seamless Lycra Soft Fabric, this series of products provides optimal support and assists motion regulation to improve performance during exercise. You can wear it during training as well as on the court to have optimal support and performance enhancement.



LP EXTREME Support series is made of LP’s innovative patented material, CoolPrene®. Dynamic protection and compression can help you release the overloading, reduce the pain and tightness of muscles when jumping, twisting and sprinting. With regard above functions, this series are the most recommended for soccer players. You can find any protection levels of braces per your needs of support from prevention to recovery.



LP completes our product line under the consideration to meet all your needs. We always focus on providing the professional protection and care to meet the challenge of sports activities. In Hospitalar 2010, LP team had made an accomplishment to broaden our faith and professional.