LP successfully brought forth a trend in sports protection in China


LP, the leader in sports medicine, supported the athletic care service at a creative 3v3 badminton tournament in China to promote the concept of sports protection. Named by the head coach of the China National Badminton Team, the creative tournament has brought forth a trend toward competition games for the amateur badminton groups in China, and endorsement of several Olympic and world champions. The tournament preliminaries were held in 6 cities in China while the final was held in Beijing.

LP provided various products for team sports and professional services to prevent injury on each court. Before the matches began, LP offered players professional taping service to help stabilize and protect muscles and joints to prevent from sports injuries. LP also provided consulting service to the players.


LP is dedicated to promote the concept of sports protection, assist athletes’ health, maintain athletes’ sports abilities, and provide integral sports protection through the various, professional team sports products. It is LP’s mission to protect the athletes against sport injury through appropriate prevention techniques of sport injury. 


Where there is LP, there is a way.