Once again, LP's eye catching exhibits exhibited at the 28th China International Sporting Goods Show.


The 28th China International Sporting Goods Show was held in Chengdu, a developing city in southwest China, to support the Chinese government policy to develop and balance the economy across the country. At the show, LP had a perfect combination of Chinese architecture with western sports injury protection know-how, LP booth design reflected the product design concept - professional, innovative and refined- it drew visitors’ attention.


The Power Sleeve can help stabilize and control muscles by decreasing the effect of internal perturbation. Our products have become more efficient in enhancing sports performance. LP understands sports players having needs of colorful sleeves to fit their sport outfits, so we provide various color options for different sports activities.

X-TREMUS series
Continuing research and development at LP resulted in the introduction of advanced braces to provide various protection levels. With 3-Dimension knitting modes combined with 3-Density knitting levels, the X-TREMUS series provides maximum comfort for the elite athletes during sports activities.

Insoles & Footcare series, Orthopedic Support and Team Sports Accessories
Besides the hero products - POWER SLEEVE series and X-TREMUS series - LP provides not only the Insoles & Footcare series and Orthopedic Supports for all body part protection, but also the Team Sports series for all sports training phases - before, during and after exercise.

Check out LP’s innovation and breakthrough on our brand-new official website. Browsers can gain professional sports protection knowledge and learn the extensive benefits of LP’s high quality products through its user-friendly and professionally designed website.

This year, LP once again offered sports protection services for the players of the 3v3 competition. To promote the sports protection concept, LP held a live show on protection for common badminton injuries after the opening ceremony. With live demonstration of taping application, LP successfully provided players and audiences with correct practices of sports protection knowledge. Before matches, LP also supplied players with taping services by professional athletic trainers and protection products, so that players could do their best on the court with fewer chance of getting injured.

LP will keep pursuit of new breakthroughs and focus on innovation through technology.