2011 Sports Injury Seminar - Protection and Prevention was held in Chengdu Sports University


To promote the leading sports protection concept, and develop the profession of sports medicine and sports protection, LP once again cooperated with Chengdu Sports University and held the “2011 Sports Injury Seminar” during the exhibition of the 28th China International Sporting Goods Show.

LP invited the chair of the Rehabilitation Center of Beijing DCN Orthopedic Hospital, Dr. Lin, who is also one of the experts of the China Medical Service Group of 2012’s London Olympic Games. Chairman (or Dr.) Lin shared the practice in clinical rehabilitation including his prolific clinical experience of sports protection of national team players. Moreover, as the theme to the “Post-surgery Rehabilitation of Anterior Cruciate Ligament,” Dr. Lin outlined in detail the training schedule and rehabilitation facilities, which help post-surgery rehabilitation treatment. His vivid speech got a captive audience and generated many interactions during the session.

LP also invited Mr. Lee, the chief of Physical Therapy Department in Xing-Cheng Rehabilitation Clinic, Taiwan. Chief Lee introduced the soft tissue taping method which is a new concept of sports protection in China. With live demonstration and practice of the taping operation of common sports injuries, the brand-new sports protection concept has attracted the attention of these medical students and has gotten great feedback.
Experts of sports protection and rehabilitation have passed on their practical experience. It has helped the promotion of sports injury protection concepts, increased the application of taping and developed the profession of sports medicine and sports injuries protection throughout this seminar. LP is devoted to help build a stronger sports medicine field, by sowing the seeds of sports injury prevention and protection.