LP exhibited at KIMES 2011 - The largest medical accessories and equipment show in South Korea.


Seoul, Korea
Mar. 17, 2011 ~ Mar. 20, 2011

KIMES (Korea International Medical & Hospital Equipment Show), one of the most popular and important medical exhibitions in northeast Asia, was held in Seoul, South Korea. Through the exhibition, KIMES showed innovative products, leading concepts of services in the medical field and IT support equipment, rehabilitation accessories, etc. This year, 60,523 visitors attended KIMES; that is 6.1% more visitors than in 2010.


To support LP’s distributor in South Korea and share the leading concept of sports protection for athletes in Northeast Asia, LP attended KIMES to show their professionalism with a whole new package and innovative products.


LP built display models in the following ways per different product series:

The X-TREMUS. With the help of cutting-edge technology, a 3-Dimension knitting mode combined with 3-Density knitting levels helps create the fantastic M.S.D. (Magic Power Band, Stable Structure and Durable Fitting Knit) to provide stable support and enhance athletes’ performance.


Another innovative technology from LP, CoolPrene®, is the patented material that can lead to superior comfort. This series is recommended for the player who performs prolonged strenuous exercise. The diamond-shaped grids grip closely to the skin to create friction to prevent slipping and provide superior comfort and support.


The Feature Products area was designed especially for first time customers. It helped every visitor easily find what LP recommended for them with a comprehensive selection of products. If you have interest in LP but do not know where to start, this area would be best.


Of course, LP not only showed how innovative and comprehensive their products are, but also how creative their marketing materials are and how supportive they are of all of their partners.


For in-store display, LP brightened the wall with planograms and Display Stand with headers and posters to highlight their brand. LP also prepared attractive leaflets in Korean to make every contact with their customers easier. On top of that, LP also developed a dynamic 3D film to show how technology helps enhance the quality and performance of LP braces.

As always, LP puts their efforts not only in product innovation and design, but also in the development of marketing materials to support their partners. This time, LP brought worldwide vision into South Korea using local materials support.
With LP, it is the journey to success.