Assist training, prevent sports injuries. LP introduced its high performance supports to the sports professionals at NATA 2011.


LP Support unveiled a brand new design of products to professional athletic trainers from across the US, Canada and Central and South America. From head to toe, from the protection before exercising to the treatment and rehabilitation after injuries, comprehensive sports protection products were displayed at the LP booth at the 2011 NATA Annual Meeting in New Orleans, LA, USA.

Prevention is always more important than cure, surgery, and rehabilitation. This year, with the concept of assisting athletic trainers to enhance players’ performance and reduce their chance of sports injuries, LP exhibited the innovative X-TREMUS series and Power Sleeves series.

X-TREMUS, with the cutting-edge technology, 3-Dimension knitting mode combined with 3-Densities of knitting levels, LP X-TREMUS assists in generating greater power, improving motion accuracy, and enhancing sports performance.

To minimize wasted energy and to improve sports performance, Power Sleeves have a built-in ideal compression map with various compression levels to control your motion effectively during exercise. It can help to activate motion quickly, control it during exercise effectively, and allow you to regain energy to pre-exercise level!

A single brace with dual functions and multiple protections have become the new trend, and the trend is led by LP. Look for the most complete and professional braces to meet all your needs in sports protection, at La Pointique Int’l.