LP ‘s leadership at the China National Team Physician Training Course


The 2011 China Sports Medicine & Arthroscopy Conference and National Team Physician Training Course were successfully held from 22nd to 25th of September in Xi’an, China. This is the most important conference in the sports medicine field before the 2012 London Olympics. The attendees include doctors in orthopedics, arthroscopy, sports medicine, clinical rehabilitation field, team physicians, and researchers. The academic presentations, education programs, keynote speeches, and trade shows were arranged to complete and enrich this conference.

As the main co-organizer, LP invited Dr. Lee, professor at Guangdong Vocational Institute of Sport, to give a lecture on “The application of 4P concept in sports protection”. He incorporated the 4P concept into the sports management theory for sports protection, creating a new practical concept in this field. His vivid lecture generated great audience interaction.

LP also was honored to invite Mr. Cheng, the CEO of the Department of Physical Therapy, Xing-Cheng Rehabilitation Clinic, to introduce the theory, basic application and techniques of MAXTAPING & MAXTAPING A+ for soft tissue. As the 2012 London Olympics is approaching, team physicians were eager to learn how MAXTAPING and MAXTAPING A+ help athletes and what their benefits are. The brand-new concept and products drew the attention of the audience.

Furthermore, LP held a workshop “Application of MAXTAPING and MAXTAPING A+” to introduce the different techniques using case studies. LP medical consultant demonstrated how to properly apply MAXTAPING and MAXTAPING A+ for different sports injuries, and encourage the audience to experience hands-on. Thanks to the instruction and demonstration by the LP professional team, the brand-new concept and technique of sport protection were well received by these physicians who are in charge of supporting athletic training and health care.

LP not only held professional courses and workshops, but also exhibited comprehensive product series with attractive and prominent booth design, including X-TREMUS series, insoles & footcare series, orthopedics, LP BAND and taping series. Moreover, the live show of application of MAXTAPING and MAXTAPING A+ provided visitors opportunities to experience the benefits of MAXTAPING and MAXTAPING A+. During four days display, the comprehensive and high quality products of LP met every athlete’s need, and gained professionals’ prominent recognition.
As the pioneer in sports protection, LP will keep leading the evolution of sports protection and sports medicine.