Feedback from athletic trainers at the National Athletic Trainers Association conference -NATA 2012- in St Louis, Missouri was very positive for the LP sports protection series.


Injury prevention before exercise or before a game, rehabilitation and protection after an injury are basic requirements for athletes and active people. LP keeps pursuing advanced breakthrough, and is following the trend in the sports protection field to help athletes and active people enhance sports performance. Based on this concept, LP introduced two key product series- X-TREMUS and Power Sleeve series at NATA 2012, which attracted a lot of attention and positive feedback from visitors, including athletic trainers from professional and college teams.

LP X- TREMUS is developed with the concept of comprehensive treatment for sports amateurs and professional athletes. With the help of a cutting-edge technology, 3-Dimension knitting mode combined with 3-Density levels, LP X-TREMUS series not only provides appropriate support for specific sports activities, but also enhances athletic performance and joint stability thanks to the fantastic M.S.D. features.


LP Power Sleeve series designed with three main features, Power Band, Regulation Area and Seamless Lycra Soft Fabric, helps reduce internal perturbation, quickly activates and effectively controls motions during exercise, and allows athletes to regain energy to its pre-exercise level. Moreover, Power Sleeve aims to minimize athletes’ energy wasting to enhance sports performance.


To meet athletes and active people’s needs, LP will keep leading the trend in sports protection with cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art design.

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