LP shows eye-catching booth design and innovative products at NATA 65th Clinical Symposia & AT Expo in Indianapolis.


The 2014 National Athletic Trainers’ Association clinical symposia & AT expo was successfully held from the 26th to the 28th of June at the Indianapolis Convention Center in Indianapolis, Indiana. It is one of the most important conferences in the athletic trainer field and brings more than 7,000 athletic trainers together to see the development and advancement in the field of Sports Medicine.

LP was honored to be the biggest booth at the exhibition. We showcased our latest technology in compression garment, taping, braces and support. The live show and on-site event also conveyed LP’s innovative product concepts and leading technology to the attending athletic trainers. The striking booth design and the diverse product line attracted a huge number of visitors and received great feedback from these professionals.


LP's unique taping product, the MAXTAPING A+, creates an opposite shearing force   that slowly and deeply massages contracting muscles and adjacent soft tissue. This action stimulates circulation and lymphatic flow to offer long lasting protection and dynamic support of joints during movement.

Based on this concept, we designed the brand new functional apparels of the EmbioZ line. These apparels act as the invigorator that offers athletes optimal comfort and support. They not only help prevent sports injury and enhance sports performance but also inspires extraordinary possibilities thanks to its unique ergonomic design.

Live Show & Free Gift Event

For more athletic trainers to fully understand our technology , We invited the judge of the China Athletic Training & Therapy Vocational Competition, Mr. Beyond Hung, and our premier researcher at the LP Sports Medicine Academy, Ms. Nicole Wang, to introduce the features of MAXTAPING A+ series and EmbioZ series. The vivid lecture and practical taping application demonstration generated great audiences’ interaction.

LP also held the free power sleeve give-away event during the exhibition. Visitors received an EmbioZ Power Sleeve by going through a series of required steps that helped them understand the use of the product. Participants had an excellent interactive experience during this event.


As the leading brand in the field of Sports Medicine, LP always focuses on meeting the players athletics’ needs to enhance their sports performances and inspires their extraordinary possibilities. LP keeps evolving by devoting to the research and development of professional sports medicine and providing high-performance products to enhance the users' sports life. We look forward seeing more of you at the 2015 NATA in St. Louis, MO!