Muscles and soft tissues usually become tight, adherent and dry when injured. This often leads to restriction of blood and lymphatic fluid circulation and impairment of structural alignment. Muscles have difficulty contracting and relaxing which results in difficulty during exercise or daily activities. MAXTAPING® A+, when properly applied in its unique 4 Arc pattern on the tender point, can deeply massage the damaged / adherent muscles and adjacent soft tissues. At the same time, MAXTAPING® A+ can soften tight, fibrous muscle and restore it back to its original flexibility, restore normal range of motion and reduce pain, edema and inflammation.

MAXTAPING® A+ is designed in unique pre-cut 4-Arc with intermittent pattern glue to simplifies the process of tape applying, lifts the skin to improve lymphatic and microcirculator flow and enhance sensory stimulation leading to decreased perception of pain. Furthermore it provides below functions:

MAXTAPING®A+, when properly applied in its unique 4-Arc pattern on the tender point, can deeply massage the damaged/adherent muscles and adjacent soft tissues; stimulate circulation and lymphatic flow and carry lymphatic fluid into cells for cell nourishment and accelerate the removal of metabolic waste. Thus MAXTAPING® A+ can induce benefits on the musculoskeletal and circulation systems, which include: support and soothe injured or adherent muscles and soft tissue, soften hard, fibrous muscles and improve joint range of motion, reduce pain, edema and inflammation.

MAXTAPING® A+ provides Dynamic Support to enhance sports performance. When the joint flexes with MAXTAPING® A+ applied properly in its unique 4-Arc pattern, the tape provides automatic pressure in response to your motions.

The more you flex the more pressure you get from MAXTAPING® A+. The adequate pressure provides support for the working joint and appropriate stimulation for proprioception to enhance performance. The benefits of dynamic support include restore injured ligaments and tendons, and provide joint and muscle stability during movement.

4-Arc pattern is easy to apply to tender or affected areas by following the simple steps. Just stretch the 4-Arc and apply on affected area.


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